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Meet Roiuky by Roiuky
Meet Roiuky
Got tagged by :iconthestrayliger: based on this… and just had to make one of those, hope this gives you some more insight in me as a person...a quiet twisted sinister person, but still*^* BURN ALL THE BABIES!
Takas handler by Roiuky
Takas handler
Takas handler for :call-of-the-arctic: ^^ a young teen boy named Tonraq, just like his dog he is short and eager to prove himself to the rest of the tribe, taking his dog on dangerous adventures hunting and exploring. Tonton is still young, not quiet grasping the seriousness and responsibilities for a grown up, and he stutters when talking to a girl, girls are still scary and annoying...even if he recently blush every time any of the girls his age so much as look at him. More info coming^_^ 
*fish decoration not mine!
good boy, now stay quiet.. by Roiuky
good boy, now stay quiet..
More ugly quick sketches^^ Taka and his handler helping in a hunt^^ 
Taka! WIP by Roiuky
Taka! WIP
Name: Kataktuaq (Taka) "Falling down"
Age: 3 Years Old
Gender: Male
Breed: Keeshond
Height: 20 inches at the withers
Weight: 45 lbs
Build: Taka is a large Kees, with a broad chest and body, carried up by strong sturdy legs. With all the fluffy fur he can easily be mistaken for being a little fat, but rest assured this is NO lazy boy! His neck is thick and strong, protected by layers upon layers of fur and it will take a skilled dog to be able to sink their teeth in and not just get themselves a mouth of hair. Compared to other dogs of the same breed Takas back is slightly too long, and even if his shoulders are wide and strong, as if made to pull a heavy sled any pressure from on top will have him whine in pain.  

Position: Swing Dog
Handler: Tonraq…

Growing up Taka was always one of the smaller dogs, the other pups naturally bigger thanks to their breed, which made fighting and running a part of his everyday life. Part of a weak litter he managed to get enough food from his younger siblings to make it through the winters and outgrown all of them by their second summer, and that was when the game changed. The constant bullying had created a strong need to show off early on, always looking for new challenges to prove himself, and no matter how dangerous the task he would never back down. Had it not been for his protective thick coat Takas body would be scarred all over, which he actually mourns as he finds battle marks impressive,  .... moooaar to come

+ Good Traits:  [Social] [Courageous] [Pain resistant] [Attentive] [Quick witted] [Playful]
- Negative Traits:  [Wise-ass] [Poor Self-preservation] [Boastful] [Vain] [Poor sense of direction] [Clumsy] [Overconfident] [Immature]
Goal: Takas main goal in life would be having a horde of followers, looking up to him, worshiping the ground he walk, which has rendered him rather power hungry. He´s reached a somewhat impressive rank, but constantly running after another dog, getting their mud kicked into his face, no that´s not what he considers his final goal. Being of a smaller breed has him at a disadvantage if taking on another dog, and he is more of a schemer, kissing ass to then have a group turn on the dog in mind, and he isn´t shy about doing the same against humans. Even if his poor sense of direction could be a sever threat to the entire sled team Takas pride will have him pursue the position either way. To keep it simple, he wants to be remembered, be it as the best hunter, the savior of the village or the most horrible leader he has a strong need for others to see him.  

Activity Log:

jeupp, is inactive this week cause I just flew across the atlancti to join in on the fun in San Fransisco...lost all our bags on the plane, jetlagged as hell, had some nice meetings with publishers...I´ll update more once i´m back home on sunday^_^
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